A Pretty Odd Bunny


A Pretty Odd Bunny is a fun stealth platformer game. You will transform into a rabbit hunting a pig without letting other rabbits in the rabbit field detect.

In the stealth platformer A Pretty Odd Bunny, you play as a rabbit who sneakily hunts and consumes pigs. Every level features a pig that you have to trap without the other bunnies in your society noticing. Do everything in your ability to keep your diet a secret, such jump, crouch, hiding behind bushes, crawling beneath tree trunks, and more. Play through hundreds of vibrant yet risky levels in many original worlds, find hidden coins, open new challenges and surprises, and have fun! In A Pretty Odd Bunny, are you able to devour every pig and find every hidden coin?


  • 80 levels over 4 distinct worlds
  • Access further challenges with adorable characters
  • Lovely visuals and fluid movements
  • Try out your cunning!
  • Exact controls that will assist you in achieving your objective: consume every pig!

How to play

  • A/D or Left/Right arrows to move
  • W or Up arrow to jump
  • S or the Down arrow to crouch