Drive Mad


Drive Mad is a unique driving simulation game that increases the real experience. Obstacles prevent you from reaching the finish line, use your skills to win.

In the driving game Drive Mad, you must maneuver around obstacles. To reach the finish line unharmed is your aim. You need to manage your speed to keep your car from overturning. It's harder than it sounds since there are so many fascinating and unique obstacles to appreciate. Are you able to beat Drive Mad's entire game?

You're in a blocky world where the trucks you drive resemble toy trucks, especially when you drive them recklessly and crash since you'll witness them shatter into bits. The trucks can be a variety of sizes and forms depending on the demands of the level.

You must do a different activity at every level, such as jumping over water, running into brick walls, crossing securely utilizing bridges, and more. To go forward on the course, tap or click on the right, then hold, and to move backward, tap or click on the left.

How to play

  • W, D, X, Up arrow, Right arrow
  • Mouse click to move forward S, A, Z, Down arrow, Left arrow, reverse steering