Train Adventure


Train Adventure is an innovative game where you need to equip your resource-mining train to escape the devastating attacks of bandits and shoot them all down.

How to play

Gather resources

You go on a mission in Train Adventure across stunning landscapes rich in priceless commodities including wood, oil, and gold. Take aim and fire to gather the loot! At the end of a run, whatever you discover gets transformed into gold coins.

Destroy adversaries

Make sure to take out any adversaries that are attempting to stop you as well. The barrels that explode may be used to instantly take out large groups of them. To complete each level, you'll need to maintain improving since the adversaries grow harder as you advance.

Combined weapons

The game has merge mechanisms that allow you to combine two of the same weapon to make a stronger one! Continue to acquire and combine weaponry to build a super-weaponized train with a variety of insane firearms connected!


  • Playing games that acquire resources is addictive
  • Different opponent types present different difficulties
  • A variety of weapons with various capabilities
  • To strengthen weapons, combine them.


  • Start the wave by clicking with the left mouse button.