Blockpost is a shooting game for true gamers. The battle is extremely brutal when the enemy always surrounds you and destroys you no matter when.

Skullcap Studios produced the 3D first-person shooting game called Blockpost. You'll enjoy exciting, action-packed online battles in this procedural cubic 3D shooter that no other game can provide. Play free matches against real opponents in real-time. Just choose a weapon from your collection and start a fight! In Blockpost, there are seven different game modes, over 20 different maps, and over 100 different kinds of weapons. Every game you play will win you coins. You may level up and improve more as you play more games. Don't forget to enlist your pals to strengthen your force! One of the most compelling blocky multiplayer shooters is Blockpost!

Cubes are present on every level in Blockpost's cosmos. In each table, the teams will compete against one another (can be 2 or more teams). Put an end to the life of the opponent with your knife or another weapon. There will also be hidden boxes strewn throughout the battlefield; all you have to do to increase your arsenal is find and unlock them. Depending on the outcomes of each round, the winners will get a portion of the total points. The number of points you get will depend on your rating and vice versa. If you have a higher rank, you will get more points; conversely, if you have a lower rating, you will receive fewer points. However, you shouldn't worry since your experience level will keep increasing after each bloody combat.

First-person shooter-style gameplay will predominate, and you'll be able to use both firearms and knives as weapons. The game's action moves quickly, so you'll need to stay focused the whole time.

How to play:

Instead of embracing the trend of Battle Royale as seen in Rules of Survival, Ring of Elysium, or PUBG, Blockpsot offers a traditional but despite the appealing shooting setting. You may walk about freely to discover targets and kill them with extreme accuracy in the enormous, convoluted, and busy gaming arena.