Squidly Game


Squidly Game is a game famous for a long time because of its huge attraction. Have you tried playing it yet? How many challenges do you confidently conquer?

Play the green light, red light game on Squidly Game and battle your opponents. When the doll indicates a red light, stop, and when it indicates a green light, go forward. In order to go ahead of other players within the allotted time, you must be cautious and quick. You will be shot by troops and the game will be over if you go through a red light. Prepare yourself for the fun with Squidly Game!

How to conduct Squidly Game

  • Keep a watchful eye on the front. When the doll displays a red light, stop, and when it displays a green light, move swiftly.
  • You must use extraordinary caution to avoid being obliterated. Avoid being seen by the rulers as you run away. Utilize every minute of the green light to sprint as quickly as you can to the finish line.
  • Stay alive in this game by completing the objective!

How to play

  • On a computer, you may move with the mouse or the W, A, S, D, or Arrow keys.
  • To run or stop on an iPad or a phone, just touch the screen immediately.