Paint Strike


Paint Strike is an amazing paintball game brought to action game lovers like you. Join your teammates to shoot colored guns that cover the entire map.

Each match in the timed game lasts 90 seconds. At the conclusion of the allotted time, the side with the most painted surface wins. You can paint the vacant spaces or use your own color to hide the paint used by the other team. The paint in your gun's paint tank will run out extremely quickly. The paint tank won't fill up again for a few seconds. As a result, you should apply the paint properly and effectively. It's critical to shoot enemy players to stop them from painting about. You may upgrade your character's appearance and purchase more potent weapons with the points you earn.


  • Paint Strike is developed by Mosu Games.

Release Date

  • October 2022


  • WASD = move
  • Move mouse = aim
  • Left-click = shoot