Swingo is a fun arcade game for entertainment. With special hands, you can move as you like, but remember to help the frog eat the fruit as quickly as possible.

Platform and action gaming genres are combined in the enjoyable arcade game Swingo. An adorable, bouncing character that you control can only move about by utilizing a grappling hook is controlled. Fire the hook and drag yourself in the desired direction! Until you reach the fruit at the conclusion of each level, your character will bounce and swing about. You receive points for each level you complete successfully, and as you accumulate points, you may unlock awesome new characters. Will you be able to uncover all of the animals the first one is a frog. Swingo colorful and inventive levels are full of surprises, and you'll adore discovering them!

Does Swingo have new characters that can be unlocked?

  • The game has a ton of different, original Swingo characters that can be unlocked. All of them were inspired by animals.

How to play

  • The grappling hook may be used to move around.
  • Click, drag, and release with the left mouse to aim and shoot