Adventure Miner


Adventure Miner is a fun mining game where you mine ore to sell to boatmen. Explore regions with lots of gear gems to get more mining equipment upgrades.


Mine valuable minerals and travel the globe.

Anyone may play the simple and enjoyable casual game adventure miner. Mine ore interminably and bring the product back to the ports to profit. There, you may also enhance your ore factory and axe.

Upgrade your axe for a more powerful mining

Better prizes but harder resources are associated with moving on to new zones. That's why, like a real miner, you need constantly update your axe! When it takes a while to chop through a single block, you'll notice that the rocks are getting tougher.

Take advantage of every perk in each zone.

Around the map are numerous improvements that may be used to mine ore and get gold coins. When the boost bar is fully filled, you also receive a boost that greatly expands your area of impact and speed.


  • Izyplay Game Studio made Adventure Miner.


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS


  • To move press the arrow keys or WASD.