Traffic Jam 3D


Traffic Jam 3D is a surreal car game that gives players the most eye-catching experience. On a busy road, you need to show your ability to control your vehicle.

In the game Traffic Jam 3D, you'll be driving through a lot of traffic. There will be a total of 4 modes at your disposal. You will go through a number of stages in the career mode, receiving rewards as you go. You'll be attempting to avoid crashes for as long as possible in Infinity mode. In the Time challenge option, your goal will be to reach certain checkpoints before time runs out. Free mode, the last phase, gives you complete freedom. You may purchase additional enhancements for your automobile or a whole new one with the prize you earn. So let's get playing now!


  • 3D vibrant graphics
  • Unlocking new vehicles
  • Need for deft driving maneuvers
  • Enjoyable driving adventure
  • Fantastic and accurate road views!
  • Daily rewards must be unlocked

How to play

  • You use the WASD key to move your vehicle