Geometry Dash Bloodbath


Geometry Dash Bloodbath is a thrilling adventure game that takes you to new challenges. Use your abilities to help your character get through any danger safely.

In this game, you will have the opportunity to participate in an exhilarating adventure of the souls. A few years ago, the spirits were conscious of their diminishing abilities. Therefore, they decided to return to their soul home after a drawn-out tour of the cosmos. They had to search for space gateways in order to return to their hometown. The spirits are using the Bloodbath space gateway to travel. Spikes, devils, and particularly high obstacles make the voyage hazardous and keep the souls from returning home. They have tried several times but never given up. The Death God opposes them, but they keep overcoming every challenge.

How to play

Jumping or soaring up is required to avoid all hazards in this game, including spikes, tall walls, monsters, etc. They line the way in great numbers. If you suddenly crash with them, keep in mind that you will go back to where you started. Therefore, all you need to do to flawlessly dodge all obstacles is maintain a high level of attention, respond swiftly, and tap the screen at the appropriate moment. To do double jumps, you can use the bright jump pads and orbs on the road. Along the road, you will also pass a number of portals. Your look will be altered via these gateways.


  • To leap or soar up click the left mouse button or use the spacebar.