Roller Coaster


Roller Coaster is a unique game anyone who loves speed is also eager to join this game. Let's collect more passengers to make this journey more fun.

With Roller Coaster, you can control your favourite amusement park item! Keep the enthusiasm of the audience high as you steer the train, pick up additional passengers, and shield them from dangers! As the train travels down the track, tilt it left and right to protect the passengers and to collect money.

You may now play this game to create the theme park of your dreams and command the scariest ride whatever you want! Individualize your interactions with your clients, mark the routes for your rides, choose your wage, and make it to the finish line without any mishaps! Get every bonus you can, don't leave any clients behind, and when the game is over, check all the boxes! Start the game's first level and use the simple controls. Slide your train left and right by holding it with your finger or mouse. To avoid the traps and dangers, tilt to the other side of the track. To get more money from these rides, grab the bills. By having your train touch new passengers, you may increase the number of passengers on it. To get some unexpected benefits, save these clients and keep them secure until the very end. Fill every seat to increase your revenue.


  • Easy controls
  • Theme park enjoyment
  • Dangerous levels
  • Vivid 3D graphics
  • Accessible through mobile
  • Available skins

How to play

  • To move the train left or right, use the following to pick up passengers and avoid obstacles.
  • Drag left and right with the mouse or a finger using the arrow keys, A, and D.