Huggy Wuggy Shooter


Huggy Wuggy Shooter is an entertaining game that challenges your courage. Toys that have been possessed by demons use different weapons to destroy them.

In the spooky action game Huggy Wuggy Shooter, you must use various weapons to fight off waves of ghostly toys. You are imprisoned within Huggy Wuggy's toy factory in this terrifying journey, where all the abandoned toys have come to life with nothing but rage. They prey on innocent tourists every night, and now it's your turn. Explore the vibrantly deserted factory and shoot any possessed toy that gets in your way. There are many different weapons available, so you may enjoy yourself in this ominous setting. Always be aware of your surroundings, and keep an eye out for opponents that could emerge out of nowhere in the shadows. How long can you survive in the Huggy Wuggy Shooter?

How to play

  • WASD or the arrow keys to move
  • Left mouse click to shoot
  • Run - Hold Shift
  • Right mouse button for aiming
  • Change weapons with the mouse wheel or the 1–7 numeric buttons.
  • Mouse wheel to reload
  • Weapon switch - Mouse wheel
  • Knife assault grade: F
  • Toss a grenade: G