Bottle Flip


Bottle Flip is an interesting game that gives players moments of fun. This game will help you train your agility and power control. How far will you jump?

Bottle Flip is back with another version of the well-known internet challenge! The most delightful color combinations and challenging flipping controls make this hyper-casual masterpiece irresistible. Jump from a desk to a sofa to a bed and try to balance a bottle on a small shelf using your expert bottle-flipping talents.

You can now play one of the most well-known online games with smooth 3D visuals and vibrant pastel levels! This game fixes everything for you while providing an unending track, so you can flip bottles without worrying about ruining anything! To get the bottle to turn, you must click or tap and hold for a bit. Your bottle will move a certain distance after this waiting period. If you hold the bottle for too long, it will go too far, and if you hold it for too little, it will fall in between two buildings. To access the level mode and two incredible themes, collect the diamonds! Additionally, you may unlock and test every bottle skin with a unique design! Try the level mode, complete the level objectives, and additional, challenging levels will be revealed!

Release Date

  • November 9, 2022


  • 2Play developed Bottle Flip.


  • Beautiful 3D graphics
  • Two visual motifs
  • Dual game modes
  • Character skins that are unlockable

How to play

  • To change jump power click and hold. To leap let go.