Monkey Mart


Monkey Mart is a very famous store management game today. Playing the role of a monkey running a supermarket will bring a whole new entertainment experience.

TinyDobbins created the idle/management game Monkey Mart. You are in charge of an adorable monkey character who recently built their supermarket. Plant fruit trees, go from station to station, stock the stands with maize or bananas, or all three. The customers will pick them up and wait at the cashier's counter for you. You may develop your character, open up additional job areas, or even hire more staff to assist you in running the shop.

When planting and collecting crops like maize or bananas, you will have to go between stations. So that customers may select the items they want to purchase, your goods should be dispersed across your booth. Customers will wait at the register when they are ready to pay after making their selections. You will become more valuable as you rise through the levels. To add depth and realism, Monkey Mart allows you to establish a farm and personalize your avatar. To guarantee efficient operations at your business, hire fresh employees. A market that has more consumers is bigger. Soon, you'll be able to run popcorn machines, milk cows, raise animals, produce ice cream, and engage in other market diversification activities.

How to play

  • Move - WASD or Arrow keys