Wood Farmer


Wood Farmer is a fun simulation game where you can mine, build and explore different islands. There are many different materials for you to mine.

How to play

Build homes

A straightforward and easy-to-play adventure game called Wood Farmer. Remove trees, dig various materials, and transport them to the bridge and construction foundations. See how the blocks assemble themselves!

Explore new lands

You'll come across different biomes as you explore the islands more, as well as vendors that will enhance your equipment in exchange for a few seconds of your time. By doing so, you'll be able to construct and develop more quickly and discover sand, snow, and other unusual places.


  • Assemble a variety of resources, and construct.
  • Improve your equipment for quicker outcomes.
  • Animating mine and constructing in a satisfying manner.
  • Aesthetic 3D graphics.


  • Move about by using the WASD or arrow keys, and click on buttons by pressing the left mouse button.