Idle Hero Counter Terrorist


Idle Hero Counter Terrorist is a dramatic action shooting game where your target is brutal terrorists. Coordinate your forces to fight for the noble goal.

As you may be aware, a portion of the game's objectives is expressed in the title. Your mission is to utilize your cash to hire heroes and kill every terrorist lurking within a structure. The cast includes a radioman, shotgunner, shooter, grenadier, and sniper, among others. Every hero has particular attributes and duties. Carefully plan your plans to eliminate all opposition.

In addition, this game has a variety of levels and structures. You will go to the following building if you have completed the mission there. You will go to the next city once you have finished all of the structures in the current city. so on. Demonstrate your talents and prowess by completing all levels and defending cities!


  • Great and entertaining idle game
  • Various people and places

Release Date

  • Feb 21, 2022

How to play

  • Left-click to manipulate your selection.