Merge Army


Merge Army is today's top fighting army-building game for your entertainment. Merge your units to make your army stronger to take them into the brutal arena.

Identical units can be joined into a single, stronger unit using the game's merge feature. Combine your forces and upgrade them to combat the wicked creatures that are about to assault your wonderful land! New combat will begin when you click the yellow button below. Use the two buttons on the bottom right to enlarge the available units and slots before each battle. Recruit wizards, archers, and enormous knights to assist you! You will get experience and gold during battles, but your treasury will also produce some income on its own. Spend your money wisely to strengthen your defenses and keep all of your inhabitants safe. The keys you have acquired may also be used to play multiplayer games against actual people! Find out who can construct the strongest fort and keep it for the longest by sharing Merge Arena with your friends!

How to play

Purchase and combine warriors to increase their power.

With the money, you have available, buy units, then bring them into the arena! You may combine units to level them up and free up room for additional military might when the same unit appears in equal numbers on different tiles.

Obtain additional lessons as you advance

You have access to a number of combatants, and as you level up, you'll receive more. Giants, catapults, javelins, and other weapons all have the ability to combine. Additionally, each unit progresses through a number of levels.

Create the ideal Merge Army.

Fight ever-more fierce battles and hurl fireballs at your adversaries as your army expands and evolves to new levels.


  • Create a force to battle in the arena.
  • Boost your army by fusing troops.
  • Increase the size of your military
  • As you go you can access additional fighter classes.


  • To combine the units dredge with the left mouse button.