Subway Surfers Zurich


Subway Surfers Zurich is a very successful version of this most popular game of all time. Let your friends discover new things in this new version.

An action-adventure game on computer and mobile called Subway Surfers Zurich. It is a clone of Subway Surfers with a different story, environment and gameplay. The aim of the game is to assist the main character, who is dressed as a submarine, to cross the ocean as quickly as possible. To overcome obstacles and get to the other side, you can run, jump and swim. The game is currently playable on Google and has super casual gameplay.

Jack a famous bully and street performer, was in Zurich at the time. He chose to put his business card on one of the city's skyscrapers. On the wall is a drawing like this. However, the police are the source of the problems in this profession. Now, to avoid prison, our heroes must hide from their pursuit. Subway Surfers Zurich players like you will assist him in this. You will see streets on the screen in front of you and your character will sprint along them at full speed. You have to focus intently on the screen.

Various pitfalls and hurdles will be waiting for our hero on the way. You can use the joystick to quickly move your hero around the obstacles or overcome them by having his sprint or jump. Remember that if Jack runs into a barrier, he will get injured and will end up in police custody. Don't forget to help the young player collect gold coins and other important goods left on the way.

How to play

  • Using Mouse
  • Move Right: Arrow Right
  • Move Left: Arrow Left
  • Move Back: Arrow Down
  • Move Forward: Arrow Up
  • Spacebar to jump