CS Online


CS Online is a realistic and brutal shooting action game. Join the battle with the spirit of a warrior and keep yourself safe to destroy the wicked.

Be cautious in CS Online and carry a gun close at hand at all times. You're going to enter a hostile environment where you will encounter skilled killers. There is no one you can trust since you are surrounded by adversaries. They may be found everywhere, so keep an eye out. If you dare, join the war! Do you believe you can make it out there alive?

Wizz, zap, paw, bang! Do you agree that that is music to your ears? You have come to the right spot if it does. Simply enter one of the rooms, and we'll greet you with the appropriate respect due to a soldier. with our weapons aimed directly at you. Until tomorrow, soldier. You are always welcome in other areas and on various maps so that we may continue to show you how much we adore and cherish you. Just allow us to spell out the regulations for you so that we can somewhat level the playing field. You can select from 9 different weapons. Pick the one you want, then start shooting everyone you come across. We are not your allies or friends. Just as much as you want us dead, so do we. On top of the screen, the timer is shown. The game is won by the player with the most deaths. I hope the best soldier prevails!

Release Date

  • January 13, 2020.


  • No Branding developed CS Online.


  • Play multiplayer games online
  • Beautiful 2D graphics
  • There are several weapons available.
  • Logical controls

How to play