Uno Online


Uno Online is one of the top classics of all time. Until now, this is still the game chosen by all ages when they want to have fun. Are you a fan of this game?

A popular game with a straightforward gameplay mechanic is Uno Online. To defeat your opponent, play cards with the same color or number as you do. Online Uno is available for 2, 3, or 4 players. Being the first to run out of cards is your goal. When your opponent's card pack has a different color or number than your own, you may draw another card. You have strong cards like the following in addition to the standard cards that merely have a color and a number:

  • The following player in the chain skips a turn if they skip a card.
  • Reverse changes the game's direction.
  • Draw two the following player draws two cards and is out of the game.
  • The player may select the color to play with a wild card.
  • Draw four cards, then proclaim the next color to match and compel the following player to do the same.

How to play

  • Control with the mouse or a left click on a computer
  • Touch to control on mobile devices