Infiltrate the Spaceship


Infiltrate the Spaceship is one of the best action games to keep you entertained. You need to help the stickman complete his mission to catch the villain Henry.

Can you make sensible decisions and aid the stickman in this game in achieving his objectives? The evil Henry is being sought after by Ralph the Stickman, who is attempting to penetrate a massive airship. To make sure he makes the right decision and succeeds, you must use your wits to guide him.
You are given a number of alternatives to pick from at each game level that will directly affect how Stickman moves through the plot. For example, would he sneak into the airship using a brick of C4? He could tap on the hatch or use a jug of acid to try his luck. Each option has a high level of comedy and amusing cut sequences, and it may either fail or advance the player to the next stage. Fear not if you select the incorrect option; you may restart any level or the entire assignment from scratch.


  • Decision-based gaming
  • Wit and comedy in plenty
  • Several alternative outcomes and resolutions


  • To make your selections click the left mouse button.