Cave Blast


Cave Blast is an exciting shooting action game that brings new experiences to you. Transform into a cunning pig to destroy all stubborn enemies.

The small pig is trapped in an unknown cave with just his jetpack and a powerful rifle. At the same time, he was fending off legions of wicked enemies, gathering powerups, and using various weapons that would aid him, assisting him in surviving as long as possible.
There are more options for weaponry, game types, adorable characters, and adversaries to pick from. The fast-paced shooting game Cave Blast has a large cast of playable characters. Fire at monsters and bats! You are dared to fly and fire your weapon simultaneously in this action game. You can pretend to be a skilled elf, vampire, dog, or pig. Prepare to spend the entire day playing this game on the computer!

How to play

  • The mouse is used for aiming; WASD or the arrow keys are used for mobility.
  • Weapon loading and collection take place in spike rings with question marks.