Gangster is a shooting game that helps you to show your strength. The game brings great experiences and great entertainment value to players. Let's just play.

In the pixelated shooting game Gangsters, players assume command of a gang. The objective of the game is to protect your territory against invading gangs. Although the aesthetics are pixelated and outdated, the gameplay is thrilling, violent, and brutal. To combat the competing gangs, you may employ a variety of weaponry, including handguns and machine guns. On a roadway, in a waterfall, or on a roof, as appropriate. Prepare to engage in combat with your gang in various locations. To manage one of the gangs and prepare for conflict with your group, call your pal right away. By grabbing the power-ups that fall from the sky, you can make your gang much more formidable.


  • Action game with physics
  • On the same computer, you may play against a machine or a buddy.
  • Each team has three characters.
  • several different weapons to choose from
  • A variety of maps with an original feature


Player 1:

Aim / Shoot: E Jump: W

Player 2:

Aim/Shoot: O Jump: I