Cubes 2048.io


Cubes 2048.io is the perfect combination game between Snake and 2048 that gives you a perfect experience. Let's join this game to compete with other players.

By gathering free cubes and consuming players with lower numbers than you, you can increase your number. If two of your identical cubes collide, they will combine. Even if it is a smaller opponent, you can still consume cubes with a smaller quantity than you. Be cautious because opponents may consume your smaller cubes! Can you connect with the largest audience in the venue?

Tips and Tricks

  • You must cross them in order to use power-ups.
  • Don't go near the division sign!
  • All of your numbers will be split by the number as you move over it.


  • A large online multiplayer arena with a leaderboard that is competitive
  • Effortless gameplay and mobility
  • Utilize different power-ups.



  • Move the mouse: change the direction
  • Hold left-click: speed up


  • Drag: move
  • Double tap: speed up