Red Stickman: Fighting Stick


Red Stickman: Fighting Stick is an attractive game for you to entertain and relax. A lot of challenges need you to overcome, let's play with friends.

The red stickman wants to make a living by battling the horrors in his life, and he needs your aid to accomplish this goal. There are two things you may do to assist him in his professional endeavors. The first is adventure mode, in which you must clear the dungeons, cities, and villages of monsters. The second option is Arena, where you may battle various creatures, warriors, and giants. After you've earned some cash, go to the shop to personalize your character.


  • 2D graphics with depth
  • There are 100 levels to finish.
  • Controls that are easy to use
  • Additional characteristics such as the wheel of fortune
  • Unlocking skins and pets

How to play

  • Animation vs Block Craft World.
  • Move Red Stick with arrows and avoid obstacles.
  • The red boy must avoid the obstacle: water, the enemy.
  • Collect gems as many as possible Become a champion of a supreme stickman fight battle!