Subway Surfers


Subway Surfers is a timeless running game that you may play when you change into a street runner. You still have a lot of obstacles to overcome.

Around the last five years, this game has become rather well-known all over the globe. It was a turning point for the horror genre and gave rise to several popular spin-offs.
You control a little child with the ability to fly, dodge, and run away from a furious police officer. Your progress is hampered by moving trains, unexpected trains, and horizontal bars that don't appear to be able to stop you yet hide surprises. wonderful.

Fans can't wait to try out the many other released versions of the game, each of which has distinct locations and tasks.

With over 1 billion Android users, 300 million iOS users, and millions more players on other platforms, Subway Surfers is a game for players of all ages. You could have a lot of fun playing with your friends, siblings, parents, and even grandparents.

Playing Subway Surfer:

  • Use the left/right arrow to go left or right.
  • Use the up arrow to leap.
  • Use the down arrow to roll.
  • Press the space bar to turn on the hoverboard.