Elastic Man


Elastic Man is a very good stress reliever game with very interesting graphics and gameplay. You can drag the face any way you want. Experience it now.

In the amusing game Elastic Man, you get to squeeze and pull a man with a very elastic face. The guy will stretch when tugged, like a balloon. The only objective of this game is to enjoy yourself by tugging and dragging the man's elastic face. It is best to use medium quality as you won't be able to notice the scary wrinkles on Elastic Man's face. The game runs really smoothly and well on the medium-quality setting.


  • The interesting and enjoyable game
  • Fun gameplay and simple controls
  • Awe-inspiring effects and high-quality visuals
  • A fantastic method to relieve tension
  • Nothing to do

How to play

  • To play the face, use your mouse to click and drag.
  • When you release it, the face will revert to its initial position.