Super Star Car


Super Star Car is a game that lets you experience the authentic feel of the famous Formula 1 racing series with many different tracks and cars.

How to play

Super Star Car has straightforward controls that make it simple to maneuver around turns at fast speeds. Just pick up the pace and keep going until you reach the finish line!

As you go through the exhilarating campaign races, upgrades will be available to improve your performance. Enjoy the 3D images and realistic audio! Even the view may be changed to get the desired amount of realism.


  • Super Star Car is developed by Barnzmu.

Release Date

  • April 2021


  • Comprehensive career mode
  • Several courses for racing
  • Profile with specific statistics
  • Third-person and in-car perspectives
  • Extensive 3D images


  • Up arrow or W to accelerate
  • To steer use the arrow keys or AD.
  • C changes the camera view.
  • Respawn location using the spacebar