Stickman Fighter


Stickman Fighter is an exciting stickman game where you must act fast to throw punches and kicks at perfect timing. Use your skills and upgrade weapons.

To win, you must eliminate each of them with no mercy. But be careful— you'll encounter many fighters. Their powerful boss won't think twice about torturing you.

Despite the simple game's controls, it is challenging to master because you must control your small stickmen to battle with skill and make cool combos. To continue through all levels, you need to string together kicks, punches, and special moves and have excellent skills.

To avoid being beaten up by hundreds of attackers, you must act quickly and unleash punches and kicks in precise time. Clear levels to gain money and purchase various upgraded weapons emerge as the battle's ultimate victor.

To upgrade to new and more powerful weapons, you must acquire kills. Always be aware of your surroundings and never assume that you are safe. Countless foes are waiting for your distraction so they can murder you and force you to lose the game.

There are various foes, so don't underestimate them and use your special attacks well. Pay attention, and don't be a loser!

Features of Stickman Fighter

  • Fun and competitive gameplay
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Various enemies

How to play game

  • A life bar shows your health
  • Hit left - Left arrow / A
  • Hit right - Right arrow / D

Developer: This game was created and released by Playtouch.