Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost


Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost is a game version with a completely new role of Adam and he needs your help. Nothing will stop you from enjoying this game.

Prepare to be shocked or frightened by Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost! You are aware of the power of love. Anyone's greatest or worst traits may be brought out by it. In this instance, we believe you already know the solution. Are you willing to let your inner darkness out?

Oh, this day is so lovely. It most surely is because Adam will finally talk to Eve today. Oh, hold on a second. He is there. Eve isn't with him, however. Oh no. Evidently, she didn't like him. Oh my, what horrible news. He feels wounded and is really depressed. He's looking for a means to vent his rage. After all, Adam would become boring if he did nothing but work. And Adam didn't actually benefit at all from being a nice guy. So he made the decision to channel his inner bad guy. Play some menacing music here. Bwah-hah-hah! The goal of each level is to terrify as many people as you can while completing it. You're going to tour the globe, visit other nations, cross the seas, and choose your victims to frighten them batty. Make them jump out of their skin by using your mouse to solve the riddles at each level. Hehe, hehe! Well done. It's time to move on and find your next victim.

Release Date

February 2018.


  • 14 levels to finish
  • Fun gameplay
  • Different locations to visit
  • Beautiful 2D graphics

How to play

You can use your mouse to play this game.