Air Traffic Control


Air Traffic Control is a unique new game where you first try to control the planes in the sky and help them land safely. Are you confident to do it?

You are needed by ground control to use air traffic control to regulate life in the skies! Use extreme caution when handling objects to maintain smooth air traffic and when facing obstacles that must be resolved right away in this challenging game.

In this game, your goal is to manage the air traffic in a certain region so that nearby aircraft may land safely. By tracing the flight path with your cursor, you may direct the aircraft in the direction you like. Simply click and drag the mouse to sketch the plane's flight path until you let go of the click in the location where you want it to land. Always keep an eye out for proximity alerts to steer your planes away from colliding with one another. If you need to gain time for certain planes, think of the best solutions to these interactions quickly and create lengthy, intricate lines. Play the game till it is finished to experience the numerous zones that can be unlocked after landing a specific number of planes.

Release Date

  • December 20, 2022


  • MarketJS developed Air Traffic Control.

How to play

  • Direct helicopters and aircraft to a safe landing area