Among vs Creeper


Among vs Creeper is a superb action and arcade game. Come to this game to eliminate as many meteors as possible to survive in dangerous space.

Transform into the character Among to fight in endless space. In this game, you will participate in an endless space war to fight and destroy all the moving meteors. They move constantly and come from all sides. Your task is to control your character to shoot down as many meteorites as possible. After destroying the meteors, you can gain new weapons or bonuses. Are you curious about the new weapons? Try to collect and experience different weapons. Besides that, the bonuses will also help you a lot in this battle. It can help you upgrade weapons such as fire rate and damage.

Besides the meteors, you also have to fight the bosses. Bosses have the ability to shoot back at you so be careful.


  • The infinite space battles
  • Collect weapons and bonuses
  • Easy controls and simple mechanics

How to control

  • Slide your mouse to move your character