Ant Art Tycoon


Ant Art Tycoon is an idle game suitable for all ages. In this game, you will manage a swarm of painter ants your job is to set the right price for each work.

To increase your revenue from potential customers, choose different prices for each of your works of ant art. Don't overcharge for the works or nobody will purchase them! You will need the money, so don't undersell them either. With the money you've made, you may get better ants, more colors, larger canvases, speed boosts, and many more surprises. Prepare to own the wealthiest gallery in town!


By purchasing larger and quicker ants, tap to expand your ant colony. Then, happily watch as they proudly produce ever-improving artwork before your own eyes. Create an army of artistic ants by clicking and tapping. In a matter of seconds, hundreds of ants will start producing new works of art.


Watch how the general audience responds to your paintings and click to change the sale pricing to maximize your profit! The picture is disliked by people? Tap to lower the cost and remove it. the popularity of the painting? See how far we can increase the cost! Playing this idle clicker simulator game will help you get rich and make money so you may start your own art empire.

How to play

In this free online idle game, how many paintings can you sell? To paint your next masterpiece, click and level up to collect as many idle bonuses as you can! In this free-to-play idle simulator game, you may become an Ant Art Tycoon.