Ant Colony


Ant Colony is a unique game that offers a new experience that brings moments of fun entertainment. Your job is to manage the ant colony to collect resources.

Each bug aficionado will find something at Ant Colony! Establish a bug colony, gather warriors and troops, and engage in resource warfare against other crews! Create original strategies for your team; will you prioritize defense or maintain an aggressive demeanor against other players? For your insect colony, you get to make all the decisions!

Prepare yourself so you can lead your first fight as the commander! Don't be misled by the intricate agricultural system; the worker ants will take care of the crops while you train your warriors' combat abilities! Every day, you receive special reinforcements for your soldiers; strike these units to gain them for your army. Be cautious while utilizing them in battles as you cannot purchase them at a store. When you raid, you come up against the armies of other players, which means that as you become stronger, the enemy forces change daily. Examine your colony, then add more units as necessary. For each sort of resource, there are three resources and three types of worker ants. Try to maintain a balance between your food and materials, and utilize the surplus materials to enlist new warriors. Watch brief advertisements to receive tickets and further information immediately.

Release Date

  • January 10, 2023


  • JetGames developed Ant Colony.


  • Vivid 2D graphics
  • Daily surprise bugs that you may unlock!
  • An online store where players may buy features
  • Easy controls
  • Accessible using mobile devices

How to play

  • To cause the ants to travel there, tap the screen!