Bacon May Die


Bacon May Die is an extremely exciting and dramatic fighting action game. You will transform into a mighty warrior using your gun to destroy the enemy.

In Bacon May Die, you play as a pig against swarms of monsters. You are a skillful fighter with a gun at your disposal if the enemy horde becomes too big. This is a humorous game that may also be played with two players on the same computer. Enter 'coop' mode to defeat your opponents with your buddies. Don't forget to dress up your piggy with accessories like hats, spectacles, necklaces, and trousers. You can construct an infinite number of combinations to make your pig the trendiest in town. Don't forget to bring your pet chicken to combat, since it has a vicious beak.


Player 1

  • Move and right - arrow keys
  • Shoot - press and hold the left/right arrow

Player 2

  • Move and fight - WASD
  • Shoot - press and hold A/D