Bazooka Boy Online


Bazooka Boy Online is a dramatic action game you cannot ignore. All levels have been upgraded to increase the power to destroy everything in front of you

This is a first-person shooter. Remember, however, that in order to solve the case of how to target your opponents at each step, you'll need to build successful strategies. There are 24 stages in which your opponents are placed in different locales. The objective is to utilize the allowed ammo to shoot all of the enemies at a level. If you have an opponent standing when you run out of bullets, you will fail the level. To shoot, click the left mouse button, move your mouse to aim, and then let go of the left mouse button. Let's see if you can defeat your ragdoll foes and complete all of the levels that lie ahead!

Collect them all and master their various and distinct characteristics! Send your opponents flying, blast up their bases, and level their structures! Unleash deadly power and limitless options in your quest for triumph! Kill all opponents to win! Hilarious ragdoll monsters and amazing explosions with level after level with fantastic content and difficulty


  • Colorful two-dimensional graphics
  • The need for fast strategies
  • There are 24 levels to complete.
  • Easy-to-use controls

How to play

  • To aim and fire, use the mouse to right-click. Touch the screen to aim and fire on mobile devices and tablets.