Bumper Ball IO


Bumper Ball IO is a multiplayer internet game. To force other players into the depths while surviving at the end is your goal. Now, display your abilities.

Knock opponents off the stage with your bumper ball. A fast-paced and entertaining hyper-casual io game. You will enlarge after defeating an adversary, and your goal is to be the last player on the battlefield to laugh.

Specifications of Bumper Ball IO:

  • Skin that is ever-evolving Every sphere has unique skin.
  • Various skins will affect the user in different ways.
  • physical entertainment Angle of the impact
  • With strength and relentless movement, one may prevail.
  • Wars raging on every continent Battle in a variety of locales.

How to play

  • Bravely smash other opponents in action-packed competitive matches with simple one-finger controls.