Cat Runner


An endless road with a lot of roads, gold, and food for you to help the cat in the game called Cat Runner conquer. Unlock many available characters and costumes.

In Cat Runner, run away from the thief as fast as you can! A guy shows up and starts stalking you while you are minding your own business with your well-deserved money. He intends to rob you! You should stay away from him, but there are many roadblocks on your way. Can you escape with this thief while saving your money?

You can play as one of the most loved cats in this game. A totally bubbly and chubby lover. But now he is in danger. . You alone are responsible for saving both your money and yourself. You can go if you can run as fast as you can. But be careful. Your path is paved with difficulties. Buses, cars, and roadblocks are a few of these obstacles. You will be slowed down or fall into the clutches of bandits if you encounter certain obstacles. So, try to run with caution and always maintain a clear lane. Remember you can use your skateboard or some other vehicle that you can unlock. Last but not least, you are sure to pick up a lot of coins along the way. Therefore, you will have the option to raise your coins and points. With those coins, you can shop and buy new skins.

Release Date

  • November 2023


  • 3D visuals that glow
  • Obstacles to be overcome
  • User-friendly controls
  • There are several levels.

 How to play

  • Swipe left, right, up, or down with your finger, mouse, or arrow keys.