Clown Nights


Clown Nights is a game that tests your courage when there are many things that will make you afraid. It's time to overcome and defeat your fear.

Circuses, contrary to popular belief, are not very fascinating places to visit, owing to the fact that practically all of them are, of course, haunted by genuine monsters dressed as clowns! They are actually some clowns who entertain people during the day and occasionally perform various tricks and stunts, so everything is perfect until night falls because this is when the people die and the circus falls silent, leaving only you, ostensibly alone in the circus because you work as a night guard there. Your goal seems to be straightforward, as you must maintain the circus's quiet and keep everything secure, but the most important problem you must address is your own safety, as there will be a killer clown out to toy with people and murder them, ostensibly throughout the night to keep things mysterious! Use the mouse to concentrate on your personal safety and watch the camera as you travel from room to room, switch up the lights, and take all precautions required to be safe till daylight! Best of luck, and be cautious at all times!

How to play

To utilize the camera and see where the clowns are, click the arrows at the bottom of the screen.
You may also scroll through the guard room by clicking on the screen. You are unable to leave the room since it is the sole safe location in this location.
To turn on the lights, click the light button, and to lock the door, click the door button.
But proceed with caution. You have till 6 a.m. to save energy, and it is now 12 am. You must utilize these buttons and the camera with caution to avoid wasting energy. To perceive the danger, turn on the lights. If you see a clown, lock the door till it goes away, otherwise, you'll float along with it.