Cookie Clicker City


Cookie Clicker City is a game to help you dispel all the stress in life. Your job is to press the magic cake to have lots of cakes to build your own city

You have to build a modern metropolis in the game Cookie Clicker Metropolis. Click to cook a lot of cakes to unlock new areas, people, and objects.

The game's empty property is ready to be filled with wealthy residences, people, and animals. The only way to create a buzzing city is to bake a lot of cakes. The cornerstone for bringing your ancient region into the modern day is the biggest pie on the screen.

Simply click on the biggest cake on the screen to start creating an endless variety of beautiful cakes. On the system's arrival configuration, the number of cakes is shown instantly in the area where the largest cake is placed. If you have more cakes, you may buy additional architectural elements.

The game has a total of five unique development phases.

You have access to up to 18 structures to expand your city and improve industrial productivity. In this game, there are over 600 upgrades to get and 700 milestones to hit. Numerous interesting ideas also need to be evaluated.

How to play Cookie Clicker City:

  • Click the cookie just once.
  • The game's four main icons are a house, an arrow, a cup, and a wheel.
  • The player clicks on the home symbol to purchase the desired structures.
  • The player clicks the arrow symbol to improve.
  • The player clicks on the cup symbol to see the achievements of their city.
  • Play the game by clicking the wheel symbol.
  • The game's four primary symbols are houses, arrows, cups, and wheels.