Crazy Roll 3D


The extremely attractive endless running game called Crazy Roll 3D is attracting gamers around the world. You can totally challenge your best friend.

How to play this amazing game?

Maintain sharp reflexes and eyesight.

The ball goes slowly at first, then picks up speed as you roll over boosters and ramps. Watch out for approaching obstacles and move the ball around them! Despite the fact that the game has no end, there are more stages the longer you live. These higher levels could have more dynamic and difficult difficulties.

Get power-ups

Shields, magnets, and the 2x diamond power-up are scattered around the map. Some of them are situated in difficult terrain. If you move rapidly, perhaps you could snag one with your shield?

Because each power-up has a cooldown, use caution when utilizing them. For instance, you could want to save your shield for a game mode with greater difficulty.

Combine gems to purchase items.

As often as you can, spend your diamonds in the Crazy Roll 3D shop. You can buy power-ups and a selection of new balls with different sizes and speeds.


  • Collectible crystals that may be used to buy powerups and unlock new ball models.
  • Moving barriers and swinging platforms are two new challenges.
  • Excellent music and a fast-paced, entertaining gaming experience.
  • Infinite, go as far as you can!