Crowd City


Crowd City is a fascinating and extremely engaging game where the challenges will make you feel extremely rushed. Other online players ready to kill you

Welcome to Crowd City, where attracting followers is the only thing that counts. Explore a fully drawn metropolitan 3D world, surround yourself with more followers as you go, engage in rivalry with other players, and take their followers.

A typical Crowd City match lasts barely a few minutes. Several people sign up for a server and begin building their miniature armies. Each person begins with only one character in that color. When you approach a neutral person in Crowdcity, they will join you and instantly change into the same color as you, so go about looking for them. Everyone always has a clear view of how many followers each player has.

The ability to take followers from your rivals makes playing Crowd City online entertaining. The audience with the greatest number of followers instantly converts the members of the smaller crowd when two players face off against each other. Avoid the opponents that have more supporters than you at all costs!

How to play

This game is very simple to play, you just need to move the mouse to eat the white people to increase the number