Dice Merge


Bringing moments of great entertainment Dice Merge is also a game that helps you train your brain's agility. You will need to optimize your position to win.

For people of all ages, dice merge is a straightforward brain-training puzzle game. Merge the dice by matching three identical dice to create magic dice, and then unwind for hours. It's more fun to solve thanks to the random wooden dice with varied numbers! Playing Merge Dice is cost-free. A tabletop game is the merge dice game. The larger the random dice combination you roll and gather, the greater your score.

How to play

  • Play on a wooden 5x5 tile board. Only one dice may be placed on each tile.
  • Domino dice come in six different colors.
  • Merge three dice of the same color.
  • Before laying the dice, you can choose to rotate them.
  • To merge three or more adjacent wooden dice vertically, horizontally, or both, you must match three or more dice with the same pips.