Drift 3


Drift 3 is a driving game with an extremely attractive upgraded version that competes with other players. Are you confident enough to be the last survivor?

You may pick your name and preferred automobile before the game starts. Beautiful automobiles come in a variety of styles, from stylish to charming. Each kind of automobile has a distinctive appearance and conveys to the user a distinct personality. Select the ideal vehicle!

You may adjust your ability by turning on or off the instructional mode in the settings area. Turn on this option if you're new to this game series to get instructions. If you are a master, though, you may disable this feature.

As you can see from the description above, your task is to drive a vehicle across all challenging terrain while competing with other players. Stay away from sinking into nothingness. Try to outlast your adversaries by crashing into them to throw them off the path. Other than that, the fundamental structure of a drifting game with straightforward physics and basic controls remains. To steer your automobile, you must click the left mouse button. To turn, click and hold the mouse button. Release to return.

How to play

The left mouse button may be used to change the direction of your car.