Drift F1


Drift F1 is the most thrilling racing game today that makes a speed and challenge lover like you impossible to ignore. Winning will be very difficult.

An F1-inspired drifting game is called Drift F1. To take control of your automobile, navigate challenging turns, and dominate the scoreboard, press the button.

To reach the conclusion of each level, you must maneuver your automobile around challenging bends and uneven terrain. To unlock increasingly difficult maps, try to gather money, enhance your automobile, and win the game. Maps and vehicles both have distinctive properties.

Simply click to move left or right and release the button to go straight to steer the automobile.

A strategy for winning the game is to time the point's turn. When playing Drift F1, there will be challenging areas, but by playing the game more often to gain experience, you may become better at it. Every platform has a distinct narrow that necessitates turning with exact judgment.


  • One-button controls make it simple to play
  • Platforms and cars that can be unlocked.


  • In each stage, list the top 10 players.
  • May use touch controls to play on cell phones and tablets.


  • Turn left or right by using the left mouse button, the space bar, or the touchscreen.
  • To move straight, let go.