Duo Survival 3


Duo Survival 3 is an exciting new two-player co-op game for you to experience produced by 7Spot Games. Join the adventure duo to conquer the dense challenge.

Help two post-apocalyptic survivors flee from zombies in Duo Survival 3, a two-player cooperative puzzle game by 7Spot Games, by navigating obstacle-filled stages. Play to each character's abilities, work through challenging puzzles, explore secret spaces, turn on fun gadgets, and more! The zombie apocalypse survivors we all love are returning for new adventures. Can you assist the two heroes in their quest to save the planet and locate the cure? To have more fun, try playing with a friend.

How to play

Join these pair of fearless explorers as you solve fascinating riddles, push buttons, unlock doors, operate elevators, and guide the characters to the remedy for the virus that caused this population mutation. Make a choice for humanity's future and save it!

Player 1

  • Use WASD to move.

Player 2

  • Use arrow keys.