Extreme Thumb War


Extreme Thumb War is a very special and innovative game where you can compete with your friends. Heart beats fast with somersaults, let's show it now.

Try our new fighting game, which is a two-player game in which you must battle your friend's thumb as effectively as you can to win. To win this game, you must know which buttons to push and when to release them to mark the point. For example, one person will press A, while the other will press L to fight. Try to move quickly enough to strike your opponent with your finger. Since the player with the most points at the conclusion of the game will win, strive to move as quickly as you can and strike your opponent as hard to get these points. For each hit that you successfully land, you will receive some points that will aid you in this quest.

To the devices, we are bringing the thumb war game, which is a very well-liked game in everyday life. Choose one thumb character from more than twenty options, then test your abilities against a buddy or the computer! In the game, there are two bars: a power bar and a health bar. You have till the power bar runs out to shatter your opponent's finger.

How to play

  • Either touch controllers or the "W" and "UP ARROW KEY" on keyboard-equipped devices may be used to control the game.