Fire and Water Fights


Fire vs Water Fights is an exciting fighting action game in which you have to attack your opponents with punches to knock them down. Get two points first to win!

Welcome to a fun action game with a lot of effects! Your mission is to deliver rapid blows to your opponent and use Super Punch to eliminate your enemies more easily. Super Punch is limited, so don't waste your Super Punch when it's ready! The key thing is to win two rounds in a row, whether you're a firefighter or a warfighter. Get two points first to become a champion!

The Fire versus Water Fights game has two game modes, including 1P and 2P modes. 1P mode will help you improve your fighting skills and you can invite your friends to play together in 2P mode. Let's select your favorite game mode to play. Let the battle commence!


  • Exciting fighting action game
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Two game modes

How to play

Player 1:

  • AD to move
  • WS to punch
  • G to super punch

Player 2:

  • Left-right arrows to move
  • Up-down arrows to punch
  • P to super punch