Flip Diving


Flip Diving is the ideal diving game where you have to perform forward, upside down and upside down acrobatic skills on various terrains to become a pro.

Are you skilled at stylish diving and flinging yourself into the water? You may test and improve your diving abilities with the aid of this game in a fun and rewarding way. Flip Diving is a special, pleasant, and very thrilling activity that is perfect for divers.

The goal is to perform numerous feats, including throwing oneself into the sea. However, keep in mind that landing on your stomach or back will not be advantageous for you. It's an excellent chance to practice landing and flipping.

Flip Diving is challenging and takes plenty of practice. But it's also one of the coolest and most intriguing things you've ever done. It's special and fun, but it's also full of challenges and worthwhile paths to go in. If you enjoy arcade games, you'll enjoy Flip Diving since you have a wide range of tactical alternatives.

Release Date

  • January 2017

How to play

  • Only the mouse may be used to play. Press and hold the left mouse button to crouch down. Release it to leapfrog. Click and hold the mouse button to insert. To stand up, press the button a second time.