Football Heads


In the sports game Football Heads, you may play as a professional football player. Your goal in this game is to briefly kick the ball into the opponent's goal.

Come to the game; you'll take the field like a pro football player. To win, you must outscore your opponent in terms of points scored. To kick the ball or dodge, use the JKL keys while moving with the AD keys. You must kick the ball fast and sensibly since the time is short. You get several prizes whenever you overcome your opponents. You may then spend them to personalize your character or unlock a ton of other football players.

Football fans can't help but watch the game. Let's play the game to demonstrate your talents and defeat numerous professional opponents. All age groups, particularly kids, may enjoy the game. You have the opportunity to unlock a lot of different characters. Lucky you!


  • Basic controls and simple gameplay
  • defeat adversaries
  • fascinating and enjoyable game

How to maintain

  • A and D keys are used to move.